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GP3R 2019

Qualifying F1600

With changing conditions the F1600 were the first racing series to take on the street circuit this Friday. Veteran of this very challenging circuit was Didier SCHRAENEN who crossed the line with the best time of 1:11.612 which gave him pole position, 3 tenths faster then his closesed challenger Bertrand GODIN with Zachary VANIER rounding out the top 3. Olivier BEDARD  Would have been in the top drivers but it seems that he had forgot to put his transponder on before the session putting him in last place since he is the championship points leader he will be looking to move up fast thru the field.

Complete results here

Qualifying CTCC

With again very wet conditions and a mix of different classes of cars on track. Martin HARVEY is the first to hit the wall in the first minutes of the session while following very closely Parker THOMPSON which brings out the red flag. The drivers come back in the pits get their pressure checked and for some that had gone out on slicks, now have the chance to switch to wets without loosing time. The green flag is waved again and the session resumes, as the times tumble and the tracks racing line drys up.

The session ends with Benoit BERGERON in a league of his own nearly 3.5 seconds clear of his rival Julien PILON and Martin HARVEY rounding on the top 3 in the ultra fast GT cup.

Now in the GT Sport cup with only 3 drivers it is no surprise that Parker THOMPSON tops the time charts with a very fast 1:13.376, 1.5 seconds clear of the first of the CHAPLIN’s.

In the TC category Jocelyn HEBERT tops the times with a 1:22.150

In TCR, Tom T.KWOK leads the pack of 9 drivers with a time of 1:14.506 which is a very competitive time all classes together then you have the 2 nd place to 7th place close together lapping within 5 tenths of each other which will give great battles for the 2 nd a 3rd places.

Complete results here

Nissan Micra Cup Qualifying

Shorty after the start of the session Charles DESCHENES hits the wall and brings out the red flag, after a small pause to get the car out of the way the session resumes with Kevin KING taking the best lap time for a short while before Valerie LIMOGES takes the lead and conserves that bet lap time unchallenged by her rivals with King finishing second with Nicolas BARRETTE finishing with the third best time.

Complete results here

Race 1 1600

Bertrand GODIN wins the first race of the GP3R 2019 edition followed closely by Zachary VANIER and Olivier BEDARD who recovered very well from his disastrous qualifying session. Dany LACROIX wins in the Pro-Am Category besting a few drivers in the Pro division.

Full results

Race 2 1600

Olivier Bedard starts on the front row, but again with changing weather just minutes after the start is given, the rain starts and the track gets just wet enough for one of the drivers to hit the wall and comes back on the track just off the dry racing line forcing a neutralization of the event with the safety car sent on the track. when the restart is given Olivier Bedard gets surprised by Godin‘s speed and before they get to the first corner Godin takes the lead of the race just a few corners later the 3rd place driver ARCHAMBAULT gets passed by VANIER in brilliant late braking pass. From the restart onward the top 4 exchanged places taking that little gap and making it stick inches away from the wall and inches away from the other driver just shows you how these F1600 are setup in way that they are equal even if they are from different manufacturers. with the rain really starting come down Olivier Bedard has a clear advantage at being in front having a clear line of sight ultimately giving him that edge over a charging Guillaume ARCHAMBAULT finishing just 7 tenths down.

Full results

Race 1 CTCC

Julien Pillon wins the first race of the weekend in the GT Cup with the 2 front runners Parker Thompson in the GT Sport and Benoit Bergeron in the GT Cup with his Ferrari getting in to a crash with a back marker trying to go 3 wide in the corner , Bergeron under brakes, slides in the side of Tompson forcing him on the outside back marker who had no where to go all three get dammage but ultimatly ending Bergeron’s and Thompsons’s races.

Race 2 CTCC

Kwok spins on the formation lap but recovers to a very respectable top 5, Martin HARVEY wins the race under full course yellow flag caused by a wall having been moved in a incident on track. In the GT cup we could see a big difference in car power and handling vs other came class cars and also vs other classes but Parker THOMPSON was able to put constant pressure on HARVEY even with a different class car. With Jean-Francois HEVEY rounding out the all classes podium wining in his category.

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