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RNW Exclusive – Molly Helmuth Interview

Molly Helmuth is a very inspiring young lady. After hanging out at the track as a young girl, Molly quickly discovered that she had a passion for racing. At eleven years old, she started competing in karting. Eventually, she moved into stock car racing. Currently, Molly competes in the Super Late model stock car racing series. As a talented driver who is also very focused on giving back, she wishes to inspire young drivers to get involved and set an example on and off the track. RNW Chief Editor, Charles Côté, recently talked with Molly about her journey and what the future might have in store for her.

RNW Exclusive – Patrick Dussault Interview

Patrick Dussault is a talented young driver currently competing in Porsche GT3 Cup Platinum Canada. Following a successful open-wheel career that lead him to go race in England, Patrick has moved on to sports car racing. Dussault is very focused when it comes to racing and is excited to see what motorsports have in store for him. He is currently racing for Lauzon Autosports. RNW Chief Editor, Charles Côté, recently talked with Patrick about his journey and what is to come in 2018.