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Robert Kubica’s Formula 1 comeback for 2018?


If you haven’t heard of Robert Kubica, you know nothing about rally or Formula One racing. He is a Polish racer, in fact, the first Polish to be an F1 racer. Not just that, he was also the first ever Polish to win an F1 race. He has a tremendously successful racing past. However, his rally accident in 2011 forced him to take some time off. But the good news is that he is back and he is back fully prepared!

Tales from the past

Robert was into rally races as well as karting. In fact, he is reported to have said that karting is the best form of racing. His racing career started at a young age of 10 years. His amazing performance is proved by the winning of six titles within three years’ time only. Robert loves the mechanical grip that is provided by karts. His love for karting further shows when he said that he would like to experience F1 races like karting. However, F1 races have their own unique charm. Among his other achievements in the field of karting are the awards of European Junior Karting championship and Junior Monaco Kart Cup. He was the first international racer to win the award of International Italian Junior Karting Championship as well. He has been a part of many competitions including European and World Championship.

He is also fond of rally racing. The list of achievements is long but among the most dreadful failures is his rally accident that cost him his arm. His right hand suffered a great deal of damage in the accident. Despite the efforts of surgeons, he had to pause his racing career due to the disability. However, as soon as he started to recover, Robert made it back into the racing world. His last F1 race was back in 2010. The racer claims that now, in 2017, he is in a much better condition and guarantees that he isn’t driving with a damaged arm.

What to expect in the future

Recently, Robert made a comeback in the field of racing by taking part in the Williams test that took place in Abu Dhabi. He proved himself by setting the highest record.  100 laps were covered by the racer in the smallest amount of time. He was 0.5 seconds faster than Sergey Sirotkin and 0.1 seconds faster than Lance Stroll. The test took place to determine whether he was ready for 2018 F1 races or not.

Robert definitely proved that he was more than ready. The concern was that he might show some concerning signs at Williams but Robert exceeded all expectations. He was always among the top options for F1 races but after his performance in Abu Dhabi, we can surely expect him to appear in 2018’s mid-December races as partner for Stroll. Kimi Raikonnen, a Ferrari driver for F1 in 2018, also said he expects to see Robert on the tracks again. We only need to wait for a final verdict from Williams after the tests of every participant are fully examined.



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