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2018 marks LP Dumoulin’s 25th year of racing

2018 marks LP Dumoulin’s 25th year of racing

NASCAR Pinty’s Series: Season Opener – road course – Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Clarington 200 – Victoria Day Speedfest

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin will launch his 25th racing season at the legendary Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Bowmanville, Ontario) this coming weekend. Over the years, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin has figured prominently at the CTMP, especially in the F1600 and in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. In this opening race of the Pinty’s Series for 2018, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin is aiming at a podium finish aboard his #47 WeatherTech Canada | Groupe Bellemare car.


“We have built up our team from a bare floor over the last two seasons, which proved to take more time and effort than we had originally estimated. Over this past winter, we were able to concentrate on overall performance of the cars, focusing on the chassis and suspension, and on increasing engine efficiency. The work promises to produce great results, and team members are all proud of these accomplishments. Our whole team and our partners are chomping at the bit to validate all this work on the track, with podium finishes and wins”, added the driver of the #47WeatherTech Canada | Groupe Bellemare team.


Pinty’s Series racing at CTMP puts an emphasis on pit stop strategy – when to change tires (Or not!) and how much fuel to add at the right time, to keep or even improve your on-track position. “CTMP is mostly made up of very high-speed corners and straightaways. Keeping up your speed (i.e. momentum) in the corners is the most important technique that you use in virtually every corner. If you do not slow down too much in corner entry, you do not need to regain on the way out that speed you lost on the way into the corner. That technique requires confidence in your skill and your car, and make you quicker all the way down the straightaways. Louis-Philippe Dumoulin added “This track requires a smooth, effective style, my favourite. Spectators love the show, and we drivers love the challenge,” added Louis-Philippe Dumoulin.

The weekend schedule and the Race Central Live: https://hometracks.nascar.com/international/pintys-series/race-central-live-2018-nascar-pintys-series/

THE RACE AGAINST CANCER”  : Sign the car of your choice and ride with us!

Following up on the success of the past two years, Dumoulin Competition renewed for 2018 its support of an important cause: the Grand défoulement of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The Dumoulin brothers will continue to support the winning campaign, inviting fans to the NASCAR Pinty’s races, and sign their car for the cause (calendar on page 3). To make a donation online :https://bit.ly/2vyM1dN

DUMOULIN BROTHERS GIVE BACK TO THEIR SPORT : The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum adds a “Dumoulin Corner

Racing brothers Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin launched the “Dumoulin Corner” at the Musée Gilles-Villeneuve on May 8th. The new feature is a great addition to the exciting development plans for the Museum. The addition will allow visitors to enjoy a mix of items from the beginning of the brothers’ careers to today. Right from the beginning, Dumoulin Competition has been turning their motto, “Passion, Performance, Partnerships” into reality. The museum also believes in those guiding principles and the exhibit will highlight the team’s accomplishments as well as reflect their future goals and actions.

“Passion – Performance – Partnerships”



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