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Zacharie Robichon Canadian Porsche GT3 driver

Zacharie Robichon Canadian Porsche GT3 driver

Zacharie Robichon is a very experienced race driver having raced at the highest level in kart racing, he has since raced in the F1600 series and F2000 series. He now races in the very prestigious and competitive Porsche GT3 Cup. His teammate for the 2018 year will again be, Roman De Angelis.

His achievements :

Karting highlights

2012: 2nd ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships – Rotax DD2
2011: 3rd Canadian National Karting Championships – Rotax DD2

Racing highlights

2017: 2nd Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada – Platinum Cup
2016: 3rd Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Canada – Platinum Cup
2015: 2nd Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series – Class A


First of all, I’d like to know a bit more about your achievements and what led your decision making in which series to join during your racing career?

I started off in F1600 as it was a great learning ground for me. Working with Brian Graham Racing taught me all the fundamentals to grow my career and from there I had not drawn a distinct path as to which direction to head. The racing world is so unique and unpredictable that you have to be prepared for any opportunity that may arise. I was extremely lucky to have found myself with Mark Motors Racing in GT3 Cup where I have been able to continue competing at an extremely high level in North America.

You have had great success in any series you entered, what factors were key in these successes?

The biggest thing for me has always been believing in my team and myself. I’m a big believer that the team you surround yourself with is extremely important and I have been lucky enough to always find myself with the greatest teams in both 1600 and GT3 Cup. Working alongside them and being confident in their ability translates to better performances from myself on track.

Zacharie Robichon on track CTMP
Zacharie Robichon on track CTMP

What are your season plans for 2018?

Right now we have confirmed that I’ll be back in the Mark Motors Racing Porsche GT3 Cup for the entire season.

Who is your ultimate rival on the track except for time it’s self haha?

Whoever I am competing against at the time… I’ve had some fantastic races with Scott Hargrove the past couple of years and he has definitely brought me to elevate my own level and I hope the same can be said from him!

What is your goal for your racing career?

My ultimate dream is to compete in the LeMans 24hr and the Daytona 24

You must have driven quite a lot of cars, which one was the easiest and which one was the scariest to drive? And why?

It is very difficult to pick any one car for each of these questions, as certain cars suit some tracks way more than others. Generally, I would say the easiest car to drive was the first generation 991 Cup car. It had a bit less power and a softer roll cage then the gen 2 car and was extremely enjoyable and communicative to drive. It was relatively easy to drive that car at a decent pace, but like any other car the trick was getting the last few tenths out of it

I’ll change the scariest to the most challenging, and I would have to go with the F1600 car. Although the car is far from the quickest car I’ve driven, the lack of downforce and running on street radials meant that you were continuously working the car and sliding it around. Putting together a perfect lap in that car was extremely difficult.

Any exclusive news you want to share with us?

Nothing right now.

How many sponsors do you have and who are they and describe them?

I am extremely lucky to be sponsored by Mark Motors of Ottawa which is a dealership group in Ottawa.

Zachary Robichon on track
Zachary Robichon on track

And do they pay the hole of your season or do you put money in also?

I can’t answer that question without their permission, sorry!


Ok great interview, thanks Zach for answering nearly all of my questions! Talk soon.




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