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In Pictures: El Condor reverse

In Pictures: El Condor reverse

One of the most recognisable roads in the WRC, the 16.43km El Condor is located high in the Traslasierra mountains and is renowned for its dramatic, rocky landscape, deep canyons and a famous trio of ancient iron bridges.

It’s also a huge draw for spectators. This year, more than 100,000 were estimated to have made the trip up to watch the test, with the truly dedicated setting up camps on the Tuesday before the rally so they could be in prime positions, mostly perched on massive rocks, to watch the WRC stars power through.

Widely praised by crews, the reverse take on El Condor, run twice on the final day, made for a dramatic selection of photographs. Here we present some of our favourites, courtesy of snappers Jaanus Ree and the team at At World.




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