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Lewis Hamilton’s social media mystery

Lewis Hamilton’s social media mystery

No-one seems to have any answers as to why Lewis Hamilton has suddenly emptied two social media accounts.

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has mysteriously emptied his Twitter and Instagram accounts, leaving 11 million followers wondering what’s up.

The British star’s Facebook page is untouched and his Twitter and Instagram accounts remain open but without a single item in either.

Hamilton drew controversy over the holiday period when he posted a Christmas Day video on Instagram of his young nephew wearing a pink dress, and Hamilton saying: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses.”

He quickly apologised for it .

But since then, everything has disappeared.

In trying to investigate the sudden and unexpected move to delete everything, the BBC found few answers but raised a theory that Hamilton’s advisory team had come up with a plan to empty his busy social accounts to make a fresh start in 2018.

An adviser to Hamilton told the  BBC: “We have no comment to make on this. We really don’t think taking a break from social media during the holidays is newsworthy.”

The BBC suggested this was more than “taking a break” and his fans would think the same with Hamilton having 5.26 million Twitter followers and 5.7 million Instagram followers.

The 33-year-old, a four-time F1 champion, starts the defence of his latest title in Melbourne when the 21-race season opens on March 25.

Source :Stuff.co.nz



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